Numera Fall Detector Pendant

Numera Fall Detector Pendant

A configurable personal safety wearable with advanced fall detection leveraging Numera Libris fall algorithms.




Numera Wearables are designed for seniors aging-in-place. Attractive comfortable design encourages usage at all hours promoting around-the-clock protection. All wearables are durable, shock and water resistant (IPx7) with long lasting battery that is care-free for years. 

Numera Fall Detector Pendant: with built-in accelerometers and a completely sealed design is leveraging Numera’s proprietary fall detection algorithms and fall assessment capabilities.

2GIG-F1-345 variant is compatible with Libris, Numera PERS-4200X and 2GIG systems. Fall Detector DX-315 is compatible with PERS-4200 and PERS-2400.

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